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Drawing Solo Editorials

Discover indie webcomic and manga brilliance on Drawing Solo Podcast. Dive into a collection of panels and insights showcasing diverse talent from across the internet. Each entry leads to exclusive editorials and hour-long interviews, unveiling the inspirations and aspirations of featured creators. Explore the minds behind the art, from whimsical narratives to thought-provoking storytelling. Join us in celebrating emerging artists and uncovering the next wave of storytelling pioneers.

LIFESTEAL - Midori Jen - Drawing Solo Podcast - Masonimous
Why We Don't Have New Stories with Midori Jen
In a captivating dialogue between Mason McKinney and Midori Jen on the Drawing Solo Podcast, the dynamic duo delves into the intricate world of artistic inspiration and creation. From discussing the nuances of finding creativity in everyday chaos to ...
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XrossMancer -  Poseidon Magna - Drawing Solo Podcast - Masonimous - Manga - Webcomic
When Will We Get Representation with Poseidon Magna
Mason McKinney and Poseidon Magna engage in a dynamic conversation about their creative endeavors in video game development and manga-inspired comic book creation. They delve into topics such as finding inspiration from diverse sources, the importanc...
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Drawing Solo Podcast - SM Sierra - 407 - Manga - Webcomic - Masonimous
What These Genres TELL Us About Humanity's Timeline with CM Sierra
Describing the World and Atmosphere:The first point discussed in the conversation centers around the significance of vividly describing the world, atmosphere, buildings, and emotions in the comic to enhance the drawing process and engage the audience...
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Fallen Giants - Daniel Ashorobi - Drawing Solo Podcast - Masonimous - Manga - Webcomics
When Should You PUSH Through ADVERSITY with Daniel Ashorobi
Daniel Ashorobi's discussion of his manga project, "Fallen Giants," sheds light on the intricate and captivating process of creating a manga. This project, centered around a narrative involving angels and demons, showcases the depth of i...
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Mason McKinney Matt Fennell Masonimous Just A Reaper storytelling
How Good Stories Bend the Truth with Matt Fennell
Matthew Fennell, a writer and comic book creator, discusses his journey in pursuing creative projects and finding his niche in the industry. He enjoys working on a variety of projects, from writing to animating and emphasizes the importance of puttin...
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